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  Gerson Therapy by Dr. Max Gerson  

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Gerson Therapy

The Beautiful Truth - Gerson Therapy

Dr. Max Gerson's research has shown that eliminating toxins with coffee enemas and a vegetarian diet of diverse fruits and vegetables, without any meat (acidic), can reverse many cancers and even dispell some cancers. Ever wonder where the whole vegetarian phenomenon started? For more information, watch the documentary movie "The Beautiful Truth".

Also, Dr. Gerson has learned that if you have access to appropriate equipment, you should do a weekly coffee enema, because when caffeine is injected up the ass, it promotes the production of an enzyme that cleans your blood ... and that helps every treatment you attempt to work better. Although you might not see this on TV, many celebrities like Madonna swear by Gerson Therapy.

Gerson Institute / Cancer Curing Society

The Gerson Institute is a non-profit organization located in San Diego, California, dedicated to providing education and training in the alternative, non-toxic treatment of cancer and other disease, using the Gerson Therapy.

The Gerson Therapy is a safe, natural treatment developed by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1920’s that uses organic foods, juicing, coffee enemas, detoxification and natural supplements to activate the body’s ability to heal itself. Over the past 60 years, thousands of people have used the Gerson Therapy to recover from so-called "incurable" diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

Founded by Charlotte Gerson (Dr. Gerson’s daughter) in 1977, we are the true source of information on the original, unmodified, proven Gerson Therapy. We refer people to licensed Gerson clinics and treatment centers, practitioners and caregivers. We also train health professionals, patients and others who want to learn this natural therapy. Visit our STORE for a wide selection of educational books, audio and video tapes.

You have the power to heal yourself. We can give you the tools and show you how!

The Gerson Institute
1572 Second Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101
Call: (888) 443-7766


Documentary Movies About Gerson Therapy

The Beautiful Truth - Gerson Therapy The Gerson Miracle Simply Raw Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days


"Must Read" Books About Gerson Therapy

A cancer therapy - results of fifty cases and, the cure of advanced cancer by diet therapy, a summary of 30 years of clinical experimentation The Gerson Therapy - the amazing nutritional program for cancer and other illnesses Healing the Gerson Way - Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases


Eat Healthy: Vitamins, Nutrients, Enzymes

*Cottage Cheese and Flaxseed Oil. If you have cottage cheese along with flaxseed oil, it creates a chemical reaction in the body which makes your cells absorb a higher percentage of the nutrients that you eat. So if you take anticancer nutrients such as B17 or whatnot, your cells will absorb more of the nutrients so that it's like if you're eating more of it.


Become a Vegitarian: Eat LIVE Raw Foods

Vegitarian Foods
If you get cancer, immediately become a vegetarian. Meats are acidic, and cancer thrives in an acidic environment. Maintain a diet of mostly fruits and vegetables, plus an antioxidant with EVERY meal. (People who receive chemotherapy should not take an antioxidant supplement.) The fruits, vegetables, and antioxidant, keep the body's pH levels at an alkaline (non-acidic) level so that the cancer will not grow any farther.


Live, Raw Food Diet (ONLY NON-GMO!)

Live, Raw Food Diet
You want to be eating food that is ALIVE so the enzymes are still healthy when you eat them. Eat RAW foods, uncooked, and NOT irradiated - the enzymes all die if the food is cooked to 140°F. You can grow your own carrots from ORGANIC or HEIRLOOM SEEDS - and make a smoothie in a blender to liquify the carrots for optimized absorption during digestion

GMOs cause cancer and a host of other problems. do NOT eat: soybeans, corn, canola, cottonseed oil, aspartame, MSG, transfats - unless it says 100% ORGANIC. The FDA is blocking NON-GMO food labels to protect corporate interests of petrol-chemical monopolies like Monsanto, Dow, DuPont, BASF, Bayer, Syngenta (treason). The USDA Organic label only means the food has less than 5% contaminants.


STOP using Carcinogenic Toxins

If you have breast cancer: STOP using Anti-perspirant (Al). Stop drinking fluoridated water (hydrofluorosilicic acid). Stop eating genetically modified (GMO) foods.

Surgery, Chemotherapy, and Radiation


Are there ALTERNATIVE "treatments" for Cancer ?

The medical and drug industries (in cooperation with the FDA) make too much money FROM cancer "treatments" (and donations to NGOs "not interested" in homeopathic remedies) to ADVERTISE any natural treatments they cannot directly regulate, nor patent and collect revenue from. There are a few ORGANIC compounds (which are NOT patented, nor patentable) that have been proven to reduce tumors (in laboratory animals and terminal cancer patients) by as much as 70% over just a few weeks.

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Ozone Therapy | DCA | DMSO | Glycoprotein Macrophage Activating Factor
Essiac | Graviola | Pau d'Arco | South American Cancer Tonic
NON-GMO, Live, Raw Food Diet | Eliminate Carcinogens

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Are there ALTERNATIVE "treatments" for Cancer ?

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